Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Party of Five

Party of five... wow, it struck me the other night when we all went to dinner and they called us... our name and party of five. We've been a two, a three, and then a four, but never five (never planned on being a five either) Now, soon, we will be a party of five... husband, kids, my grandmother, and myself. We are in the process of making my grandmother's house ready for the big move this summer. We've purchased a playset for the kids, a basketball hoop for the driveway, paint for one bedroom (it is currently pink and won't work for an almost teenage boy), curtains for one room, etc... It has been an experience of purchasing items, returning items, and having, not trying to be, heated battles over what we like and what can be brought into 'our' (my grandmother's) house. Everything from light fixtures to curtains has been purchased and returned... I think the sales people at Lowe's and Target really don't want to see me ever again - even in tough economic times. My grandmother is having difficulty with the fact that you can no longer purchase without special order and a lot of money, items that would be appropriate to the age of the house (it was built in 1856 - hence the issues over light fixtures) It was okay for her to have put up any old light fixture (that was all we could get, there was a war on you know) but I can't put up a new light fixture (it is very nice - no modern, trendy light). I've been pulling 60 year old wallpaper off walls only to discover a water leak, so painting is on hold so that it can be determined whether the water damage is old or new and proceed with a repair. Guess it could have been worse - we could have been moved in already and I could have finished painting. There is also a question about the stability of the floor (I really don't want to think about that just yet - I'll pray that we'll be safe until it can be fixed - although that may require the floor to be removed and replaced... not in the current budget - it has to get us at least a year) At least the toliet and the sink in the bathroom that four of us will be using will be replaced next week. I'm excited about the minor update to a bathroom that hasn't changed (wallpaper & paint included) since 1945. I'm just glad the tub is white and not pink or green. The boys have been told that even though the box on the new toliet says that you can flush a bucket of golf balls, to please not flush a bucket of golf balls. (I think they were considering it for a minute or two)
It is also apparent over the last few weeks that as much as my grandmother thinks that she can still live on her own, although she doesn't want to, that she can't live on her own any longer. She is having great difficulty seeing, tends to forget small items(like a pot on the stove), and freaks out with movie star drama over a bill that came in the mail. The sooner she has us there the better for her - the challenge will be for us to be patient and understanding while continuing to maintain our routine, lifestyle, and discipline with our kids all while living under 'our' (her) roof. Party of five - your table is almost ready.

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Lori said...

I love the idea of going out to eat and having this important realization about the changes in your life. So often I like to go to a restaurant so as NOT to have to think during a meal, but rather to be waited on while someone else does the work. It can be a great time to relax, can't it?

With all that moving going on, the floors are better off being laid later. You seem organized!