Thursday, June 25, 2009

Moving... I think? and What Came First?

I think I'm moving. Actually, I know that in a few weeks I will be moving. The problem is that I'm in this holding pattern and it is driving me crazy. Still no drop dead move date which is causing some of the problems. What came first the chicken or the egg? I'm kinda stuck in this chicken & egg thought process but with a moving spin.
I need to pack and get ready to move but I need to live in my house for a few more weeks. The house I'm moving in has had the main beam that supports the 2nd floor fixed (153 year old farm house - somethings got to give at some point) and the re-plastering has been completed. Now the paint is going on the walls and hopefully, new floors next week. However, everything that was in the rooms that needed to be fixed has been moved to other parts of the house. Until I can move that stuff out, I can't prepare those rooms (reorganize/throw out and make room for our stuff) - once the repairs are complete, I have to move all my grandmothers stuff back to it's former home in the house with the exception of the items that used to be in the rooms that we will need to move into - I've got to find new places for her items at the same time leaving room for our stuff (which I still have to make room for.) We are getting rid of most of our stuff.
Now, my own house is a big disorganized, driving me crazy mess. My husband and I have been slowly going through things and donating what we can't/don't use anymore and throwing out stuff no one would want to have. On top of it, I still have to pack, but I can't really pack everything because we still need to live here for a few more weeks. We are getting rid of pretty much everything except our clothes, a few kitchen gadgets, some of the kids toys, my good china, a few knick knacks, and a few pieces of furniture. I'm too old to be sitting on the floor and eating take out off of paper plates for the next few weeks - my kids would love it, my back wouldn't think it to be so great.
So where do I start? I thought about spending all my time at my grandmothers - cleaning out, making her go through stuff she hasn't seen in 50+ years and asking her to get rid of it (it's worth something, or that was mine when I first got married, etc... I can't possibly throw that out it is an antique - someone could fix it up) - please understand that most of this stuff is in her attic, no air conditioning, a few leaks, and the mice have had wonderful homes for the past 40+ years, did I mention she lives on a farm? It's summer, it is hot in the attic, and she is very emotionally attached to everything she has ever had cross the threshold of her house. She is a hoarder - an organized one, but a hoarder. What makes it worse is that she can't see that these things are ruined. Her eyes are bad and when she sees them, she sees what she remembers, not what they actually look like. It is actually heart breaking to see her look at all her old stuff and know that it is no longer any good, but she thinks/remembers it like it was new.
What came first - the chicken or the egg?

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Stacy said...

I can imagine what you're going through, Lisa.